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Photo of Coach Dean Brown


As a father of 5, I empower professional dads to work fewer hours per week, generate more revenue and have more fun while doing it. Working with me, they will learn to face their suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs, self-denial, and self-sabotage so they can embrace life without guilt, anger, fear or hate while manifesting their highest vision of peace, love & profit with their family & in their business.

I was formerly at an extremely low place, following the traditional “Old School” lessons that an abusive father had beaten into me. With that, I was able always to become a leader, but never be myself, until it drove me to 2 attempted suicides that cost me everything but my life”!

I have been to the gates of Hell, saved by 1 single person each time I attempted suicide, delivered here and now by The Universe, and I’m here to tell the story and teach other dads how to survive and prevail from their own living Hell!

My “Culture” is; Ask, Believe, & Receive to Achieve!
My “Tribe” is; Professional Dads and the ladies that support them.
My “Big Stick” is; A High-Performance coaching program developed from 15 years of research, that has worked wonders for me, combined with the Law of Attraction.

I solve the problem of having what your parents, the system, and society taught you, that you know is NOT right for you, drive you to the brink of self-destruction from frustration, fear, anger, and doubt!

I have volunteered as a suicide prevention mentor, a hospital emergency department assistant, and in a medium-security Canadian prison as a spiritual leader and a pre-release counselor.