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Ashlee Dream

Yoga Instructor, Health and Wellness Guru Garden of Dreams Wellness
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Life Balance Expert

Certified Yoga Instructor and Holistic Wellness Guru from Los Angeles, CA helping professional men and women to self-care, relax, unplug, and rejuvenate.

After graduating from UCSB with a BA in Philosophy and Minor in Clinical Psychology, Ashlee was working full time as a Direct Support Professional training to become a Behavioral Therapist, but felt burnt out from the work and wanted to travel the world. She left beautiful Santa Barbara with a desire to experience life in another country. Traveling the world, living in a variety of places including India, Dubai, Qatar, Thailand, and Hawaii. During her travels, she studied a variety of holistic medicine practices and accumulated over 1,000 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. She incorporates some of the following methodologies into her sessions- Yoga, Meditation, Food and Plant Medicine, Yogassage, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Visualization and Guided Imagery, Art, and Dance. Earning over 1,000 hours of Yoga Teacher Training and experience specializing in Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, and Kundalini Yoga styles.

After just a couple of years of teaching in Los Angeles, CA, Ashlee developed her vision of an all-inclusive wellness retreat in Yosemite, CA. With renovation underway, the retreat center will be open and ready for hosting this Spring 2021. Ashlee is currently available to book for a 3 Day Online Private Yoga Retreat experience delivered live via Zoom.